Custom Cards

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This gallery displays a number of the custom paper art work cards that have been created for family and friends.   These cards are not carried in inventory and are not available for purchase. However, if you are interested in ordering a custom card please provide us with information regarding your request using either the online form or comment field below, or by email to the address.   We will contact you to discuss your request in detail.


Rosa’s attention to detail, versatility, creativity and artistry work together to personalize these custom made paper art work cards in a way that leaves a lasting impression for both the recipient and the requester.

Each card displayed here truly is a One-of-a-Kind Creation


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One thought on “Custom Cards

  1. Lauren’s card is AMAZING, and it looks just like her! She was THRILLED when she opened it! It’s a remembrance of her acceptance to medical school that she’ll have forever. She plans to hang it in her office someday! Thanks for all of the love and care you put into this, Rosa!!!

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