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A message from the artist:

“You’ll find an assortment of hand crafted, paper art cards here in the online store.  They have been organized by category and you’ll note that some of the cards are listed in several categories as there are a variety of ways to use them.   Each card is briefly described, including suggestions for its use,  and where appropriate, order options are provided.  In general, order options include limited wording on the card, the inclusion of a ‘tag’ , or skin tones for the figures on a card. To view an enlarged image of any card, simply click on its thumbnail.  While I’m on the topic of card images, I wanted you to know that the “ROC paperscissors watermark only appears on the online image and does not appear on the hand crafted card itself.

In addition to their unique design, every card is a one-of-a-kind creation because each one is crafted individually by hand.  As such, there will be slight variations between cards of the same design.  Almost all of the elements on the cards are either hand cut or hand punched, however there are a few cards that also include one or two manufactured embellishments.  You’ll note that the background mattes of many of the cards utilize pre-printed cardstock.  Should any of these materials become unavailable, I will re-design the card(s) affected and post an updated image here once the original design is ‘Out of Stock’, so that you’ll be able to see how the new card looks.

All of my cards are meticulously crafted and assembled by hand employing a variety of adhesives, layering techniques, quilling elements, paper preparation and handling techniques to give them their three-dimensional appearance.  And in some cases, the cards include original art work as well.

In order to preserve their appearance when you mail them, I’ve included a protective “sleeve made of sturdy cardstock that slips over the front of the card and fits into the provided envelope.  To further protect the cards when mailed, I would recommend writing “Do Not Bend” on the front of the envelope.  This should avert or diminish possible damage that could be caused by automated sorting machines.  There may be an increase in the amount of postage required to mail the card when requesting this type of ‘special handling’.  Please check with your local post office or mailing service for applicable rates.

Finally, while we’re committed to excellent customer service, the hand crafted nature of these cards means that they take more time to make than cards that are mass produced.  Therefore, it’s likely that some of the more popular cards will go ‘Out of Stock‘ from time to time. We will be closely monitoring stock levels and adjusting our production to accommodate customer demand.  Please be patient as this is all new to me and I’m still working out the ‘bugs’.   If you’re interested in ordering a card that is ‘Out of Stock‘, please contact us. We’ll get back to you within a day or two with information as to when the card(s) you’re interested in will be available so that you can plan your order accordingly.

Thanks again for visiting my online store. Take care and may God bless you”.

– Rosa Clifford

P.S. “I’m regularly adding new cards, so I’d encourage you to check back periodically to see what I’ve been able to come up with.”