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To date, ROC Paper Scissors has been viewed by visitors from One Hundred, Sixty-Five countries from around the globe.

Interestingly, our visitors’ come from countries in a wide variety of  ‘flavors’ briefly described below:

  • Overseas Territories and Departments, Special Administrative Regions (e.g. Hong Kong), even a Bailiwick (e.g. Jersey)

  • Republics of all sorts: Democratic, People’s, Popular, Federal, Federative, Arab, Islamic, Co-Operative, United, Oriental, Socialist

  • Commonwealths, Federations, and Unions (NOT talking about labor, auto, etc. …)

  • Kingdoms, Crown Dependencies, Sultanate, and a Grand Duchy (i.e. Luxembourg)

  • Dominion (did you recognize the Dominion of Canada?)

  • Countries known as a State, or Independent State of – (e.g. State of Israel)


There are still plenty of places around the globe that haven’t yet heard of ROC Paper Scissors, so ‘the mission continues’.  We’re still waiting to see visitors from:

  • The other Bailiwick – it’s the nation of Guernsey – NOTE:  the wait is over, someone from Guernsey has visited the ROC website!!!

  • A Self Governing Territory – if you’re curious that would be Greenland

  • A Principality … know anyone in Liechtenstein???

  • A Territorial Collectivity – not sure what that is exactly, however the folks from St. Pierre & Miquelon would

  • An Autonomous Region – like Tibet, for instance


We appreciate ALL of our visitors, and hope you enjoy the following colorful collection of the flags representing their homelands!