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2015 ROC Paper Scissors at Daytime TV Show for Mother’s Day

By May 8, 2015February 16th, 2016Blog

It is always an exciting time whenever heading to Riverbank Studios in Tampa, Florida to do a Daytime TV Show taping.  For five years,  I’ve been privileged to do what I love in the company of these wonderful people. It just gets better and better every time!

Thought you’d enjoy seeing some of the behind the scenes shenanigans, so I thought I’d share some of mine with you.

When arriving,  I usually make a very quick stop in the Green Room to greet everyone there, and then dash off to the studios where I see the NBC Peacock on the wall – it kinda makes my heart race.


Set up begins.

As I prepare my segment , there is always this mental rehearsal in my mind as I go through  how the whole thing is going to play out . So if it looks like it’s really quiet, it’s probably because it is. Well at least everywhere, but in my head. 🙂

Blog 4A special shout out the the people at Martha Stewart  for providing everything used in the segment . They also provided  all kinds of amazing craft products for a Facebook   Daytime TV Show giveaway – So, be sure to go and like their page if you haven’t already.

Don’t forget OUR VERY OWN Martha Stewart Craft basket giveaway HERE. Just leave your comment at the end of this post to enter. We’ll announce a winner over the weekend.

The Host of the show Cyndi Edwards and Jerry Penacoli are such gracious and enthusiastic hosts, they light up a room when they come in. They are the kind of people that make everyone feel right at home.  The combination of their willingness to laugh about themselves, while being the utmost professionals makes everyone else feel right at home. Their chemistry is undeniable, and I’m certain you’ll find yourself smiling all the time and just falling in love with them!

Blog 11

Audience 12

Audience2Jerry had his mother as a guest in the audience,  and well, … I just had to share this special moment with you because it just brought joy to my heart.Audience 3


All the ladies receiving their swag bags at the end of the show, including Jerry's mom.

All the ladies receiving their swag bags at the end of the show, including Jerry’s mom.

Speaking of swag, ROC Paper Scissors also contributed a little something for the studio audience. Remember the crate full of roses on the work table? Each lady received a hand-made paper rose with a special discount coupon for a paper portrait.


Time came for my segment with Cyndi where we made the Spring in a crate card just like the one  in last weeks blog post. I’ll just let the pictures do the talking:

quick review of the segment

Last minute quick review of the segment



making our paper look like wood

Making our paper look like wood

Adding the flowers to our card design. You know what I'm talking about if you saw my previous blog post for the how-to.

Adding the flowers to our card design. You know what I’m talking about if you saw my previous blog post for the how-to.

But wait there’s more … we have a surprise for an audience member:

She is being surprised with paper portrait taken from a photo on her wedding day.

She is receiving a paper portrait made from a photo taken on her wedding day.


I rarely get to see peoples reaction to receiving one of these in person, so this was a treat for me.

I rarely have the opportunity to see people’s reaction in person when they receive their portrait, so this was a very special treat for me!

this was just one of those feel good moments for everyone. Smiles sometimes say it all:)

A ‘feel good’ moment for everyone. the big Smiles say it all 🙂

Some very effective pre-production sleuthing got this image to us before the show:
Daytime surprise

This was the finished product:
Daytime Special 1Speaking of surprises, another mom finds out via Daytime TV that her daughters have this for her on Mother’s Day. A special thanks to my client who allowed us to “spill the beans” two days prior to Mother’s Day, just so we could showcase this gorgeous piece of artwork :Blog 26By the way, let me introduce you to our NEWEST size in Paper Art Portraits: 11inches x 17 inches.

Kathleen collageGo ahead and Pin it,  this paper art is well worth showing off!Ariels gift

Ariels gift 1a

Lastly a huge thanks to  Scott Beck,who has been part of ROC Paper Scissors technical and video aspect since it’s inception.He was behind our  You Tube video . So great to see where  his heart and his talent are taking him!

Blog Scott Before I sign off, don’t forget to leave your comments below to enter the Martha Stewart Craft giveaway.

Have a very Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there!




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  • Anne says:

    I love the craft , the use of color and texture and the joy brought
    to so many with love. I loved the fact that you were able to see the expression of Joy with one of your guests. Such love for others. Talent appreciated in great measure.

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