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Mother’s Day Birdhouse card featured on Daytime TV Show May 9, 2014

By May 8, 2014Blog

In the blink of an eye half the year has almost past us!

Lots of exciting things going on for our business! This year ROC Paper Scissors has signed contract with Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and is now part of the Martha Stewart American Made Market on E-bay!

Handpicked by Martha and the team at Martha Stewart Living, the  American Made Market spotlights and celebrates the American makers, products and personal stories that have inspired them.

I am so honored to have been asked to join this Market and have an opportunity to come into the homes of 66 million subscribers!
Stay tuned for all kinds of emails, social media, and editorial integration on the Martha Stewart websites and in their magazines that they will implement to highlight and celebrate us, as an American Maker!!!

I feel  JUST as honored  for the past couple  of years be a guest on Daytime TV  Show hosted by Jerry Penacoli and Cyndi Edwards. This time my “Card Making Alumni” ( Jerry and Cyndi) were putting together a Mother’s Day version of a card I made for the Valentines Day of 2012 on The Martha Stewart Show. It has had such a great response I figured…why not “Spring” it up! So,with out further delay here is the step by step for making this sweet little card for all the special mom’s  in your life .

Daytime 1


These materials below are pretty much what you are going to need.I used products from Martha Stewart Crafts here and on the show:

Mom's Day blog

For Jerry’s card instead of using the coral colors I went with a blue hue,  just use whichever color is your mom’s favorite!

1- To get the template for the birdhouse simply go to this link

Then, simply use a 1″ circle punch to make the opening for the birdhouse.

2- Punch our small little hearts in an ombre pattern ( yes I love to work ombre in my designs!). You are going to use these to decorate your birdhouse.

Mom's Day blog1


3- This is how we glued the hearts on the birdhouse.

Mom's Day blog 3


4- Attach a aproximately 2 inch square , with foam dots to give the birdhouse the back wall you can see through the hole.

Mom's Day blog 4


5- Make your flower or use a pre-made store bought one.

Mom's Day blog 5


6-Punch your leaves.

Mom's Day blog 7


7- Make the perch and remember to elevate it with a foam adhesive for additional dimension:

Mom's Day Blog 8


8- Time to assemble your card. Using a glue stick attach the leaves  and the flower on and beside the perch.


Mom's Day blog 10


9- Lastly, adhere your  bird on the perch. I used these sweet bird stickers from Martha Stewart crafts.

Mom's Day blog 11



That is it! Any questions always feel free to leave a comment. I’ll gladly answer any question you may have.

Be sure to stay connected on our face book @ ROC Paper Scissors.

Lots of exciting things happening always!

Lastly, just want to wish each and every sweet mom out there a very Happy Mother’s Day !

Mom's Day blog 12

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  • Noreen Bassette says:

    I saw u on HomeKeepers and so enjoyed YOU, your talent, and yr story. I am inspired and encouraged to use the talents God has given. I too enjoy arts and want to step out with them. So THANKS for sharing and the spark:)

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