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Our NEW Product for Baby Shower or Nursery

By November 3, 2013Blog

We are excited to offer our newest product based on our very own and original ” New Arrival Baby Cards” ® These baby cards  have been available for years on our website.  In case you are new to us and our beautiful  creations and are trying to figure out what I’m talking about,just enjoy the refresher below:

New Arrival Post 2They are aprox. 7 inch cards and sell for 9.99. Our customers have purchased them in the past and have shadowboxed them giving them at baby shower’s as a beautiful piece of  small artwork  for a nursery.

For many many years I have cut out very large sized images used for decor in teachers classrooms, small temporary bedroom projects. Since the shelf life was very short and seasonal I never worried about creating something that would last a little longer than a Holiday season on a teacher’s bulletin board….till recently.

We are now paper crafting on steroids.

I have had various new mommy’s requests to make  for them larger paper crafted items-much,much larger than our 12 x12 inch Custom Cards  to put in their newest additions room.  So the fun begins. Here is a photo collection our ventures in this very new arena of paper crafting.

Like everything else I do: it all starts with a sketch:

Swan Blog 2

In order for it to be sturdy I used foam board Once my sketch was done it was time to cut our sweet swan out.

Swan Blog 4

I made this swan for a mom who was decorating her baby’s nursery in lavender’s, grey’s and slight touches of yellow. All this to say, I can accommodate the color of the wings to the color of the nursery for your intended recipient

Swan Blog 6

Now to make JUST a swan is not how I usually roll. By nature, I feel the need to go over and beyond my designs,without overdoing it at least till i feel it’s just right and complete. In trying to replicate the idea I created on the original card, I decided I’d add some pretty clouds.

Swan blog 7

I had to pull out my  8 foot table because this baby was getting big.
Swan Blog 8Time to add some stars for the “little” pop of yellow:

swan 5 

…then came baby:

Swan 3This is my finished product:

Swan6 New Arrival: Swan® measured aprox 3ft.5 inches tall and aprox. 4 ft. wide. Just to have a little fun, all 4 ft 10 inches of me stood beside it to give you a better idea of the size. Actually, I’m standing here at a WHOPPING 5 feet ,thanks to my trusty cowboy boots. Either way, you get the idea.

If you live in my area , stop by my studio to get your order.  We are still working out how to calculate shipping charges for this large and flat item.If  you are interested in having one made for someones new arrival,  just contact us and we’ll figure this all out soon enough!


finished product 3Here is what it looked like at the baby shower with the very excited mommy.

ShelbyIn case you were wondering,  yes,we did it again, we made someone cry.

My work is done here. For now. Hope you enjoyed. Would love to hear your comments!




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  • Shelby Sheene says:

    I am sooo thrilled to be, in a very small way, a part of this new beginning for you! From a random google for a swan picture to discussing a full blown wall piece with such a beautifully spirited and talented woman! When I share how it all came about it’s crazy really. It is more perfect than I will ever be able to describe to you and has a deeper meaning than most will ever know. You have truly outdone yourself Rosa and I can’t tell you what a blessing you are! I will share and share again on every internet outlet I have! ❤️ “Thank you” will never cover it!

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