Noah’s Ark


This card was originally designed for a couple that was expecting twins, and took its theme from the book of Genesis (Chapter 7) which depicts how God brought all the animals “two by two” to Noah and the ark for their preservation and safety.  

This beautiful work of paper art can be modified to commemorate the blessed arrival of up to seven precious bundles of joy!  They will be ‘center stage’ as they adorn the banner over the ark at the top of the card.

This card has been framed in a shadow box by many customers and displayed in their nursery as a commemorative keepsake.

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Size: 8″ x 8″ (length – height)

A one-of-a-kind  paper-art card meticulously crafted by hand.  The layered elements on the face of the card are made from high quality textured and smooth paper which are adhered to a sturdy card stock.  All of the primary card elements are cut or punched, and assembled by hand using a variety of adhesives, layering techniques, paper preparation and handling techniques to produce their three-dimensional appearance.

Each card is blank inside, and each is shipped in a clear bag that includes an envelope and protective cover for mailing.


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