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A Surprise Letter in the Mail

By March 14, 2016Blog

Chip and Jo


There are times when the mail arrives and with it, a surprise.Its in those moments when just have to grab your letter opener. It’s in those moments when, instead of ripping it open with your fingers leaving lumpy uneven tear marks on the top of the envelope, you have to open it carefully to be sure you don’t tear anything inside. You don’t want to miss a word, a sentence or anything. Has anyone else ever been in that kind of moment of excitement and wonder? I had that moment today, to my surprise, as my husband hands me an envelope addressed to my name and says four words: Chip and Joanna Gaines.

Yeah  you heard right, the HGTV “Fixer Upper” Chip and Joanna Gaines.

I once heard some one once say “the purity of the heart is tested by giving them a little fame”. Throughout my life I have seen this truth tested in the hearts of many who were not ready for a little notoriety and it saddened my heart to see how they responded to it ,only to expose self-destructive,unhealthy, selfish ambitious motives in their hearts. So, in those moments when you run into people who haven’t taken that attention seriously, you know you are in the presence of genuine and great people. This is what happened with my letter today. I honestly had no reason to expect anything in return, I had put my heart and soul into it, like I endeavor to do with everything I set my hands to. I was excited and grateful to have had the opportunity. Then this surprise. Grateful  hearts keep thoughtfulness alive  and it brings such blessing when people take the time in their busy schedules (celebrity or not) to hand write you a personal note of “Thanks” for your work. It’s a lost art in a world of e-mails, tweets, Instagram and texts. The fact that this HGTV enormously talented professional with a keen eye to good taste”loved” my work and thought my cards were “amazing” is such a compliment! She didn’t have to do this but I am so thrilled she did.

Thank You 1

You see, a paper portrait of Chip and Joanna Gaines kids was made for them a couple months back as a congratulatory gift for the opening of their new Magnolia Market @ the Silos last fall. The package was sent with one of my Valentine Burrito cards, and  everything was mailed out to arrive on Valentines day.

Without any further delay let me introduce you to what now, I know was something she absolutely loved!

Here is a photo of the finished product, it’s Chip and Jo’s four adorable kids:

Gaines 5



Gaines 2Gaines 7


Hope you enjoyed the photos! As always, I greatly appreciate and love hearing from YOU! So, feel free to leave your comment and stay tuned, next week we have a very exciting announcement to make!

Have a blessed week friends!



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