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Paper Crafting some Beer and Root Beer for Fathers Day on the Set of Daytime

By June 14, 2018June 15th, 2018Blog

Father’s Day is just a few days away and I have some pretty sweet ideas for all the last minute crafters reading this. To view the full video of my Daytime TV segment just click right  HERE.

For the tutorial and templates, just keep reading.

There are a couple great ideas to do for the dads in your life. So lets get started!

FIRST Craft Idea:

I came up with this darling idea and call it, the “Six-Pack of Sentiments”, this is not on Pintrest yet,  because…. well…I just came up with the idea. It’s an original, you saw it here first!

Check it out!

Create a six pack of lovely messages and words to the Father or Father’s you may be honoring. I have three ways you can work the labels in order to do this!

First you will need a template:

Disclaimer* We have been having a problem with the scanner to have a printable PDF for you. As soon as it is up and running we will give that to you her as well!

1- Mom cuts the “beer” labels and lets the kids draw their favorite Daddy memory or activity. I have some suggestions here as illustrated with some of my little drawings. Remember, there is nothing sweeter than your kids drawings, with their cute little stick figure legs, big heads and smileys, so encourage them to pick up their crayons or markers and have at it!


2- Cut out a label and decorate it as simple as you like, with stickers, stamps or whatever you have handy. Dad is written with simple little markers, or you can print it out if you want. It’s all up to you.


3- Use wallet size photos trimmed to fit the inside of the bottle

To finish the card fold a piece of white cardstock on the middle. Glue your paper cut-out bottle close to the fold , leaving a little margin then just trim around the whole bottle leaving a little white margin as you go around it.

Careful to not cut your fold.

Same will apply to our “Emoji Steins” – our next craft project.

Some of you may be wondering where I got the cardboard container. Just check your local liquor store moms. These days they sell different craft beers separately and allow the customers to build their own six pack so-to-speak using these blank carriers. So pick one up and decorate it to match your card theme! If not just glue paper over the one you may have at  home and decorate over it.

Lastly, have everyone write a personalized message inside or help the wee ones with their own words for Dad, Grand Pa or their favorite Uncle.

Place your cards in your six-pack and you are good to go!

SECOND Craft Idea:

Who doesn’t love Emojis?

Who dosen’t love Beer or Rootbeer?

I may be the only one but that dosen’t mean I wont craft something that I know Daddies love.

So I came up with this hybrid “Emoji Stein”. This little design is just a notch bigger than a simple beer bottle cut out. Give it a face and make someone smile.

Fill it up with the beverage of your choice:  Beer or Rootbeer.

I mean, check out this cuteness:

You’ll need a template:


Cut out your template and trace on the reverse side over  the color paper of choice ( that way the pencil marks won’t show) flip it over, cut out your figures and assemble your stein. Yellow for beer or brown for rootbeer.( I used  a lighter shade of yellow and brown for the three little sides, inside). The foam on the beverage: I simply used two different circle punches and  foam adhesive on the back to give it a little more 3D effect, punch out some hearts for eyes. I also used circle punches for the other eyes , simply traced a smile on a piece of paper and cut it out a bit thicker than the line I drew and bam! Give your daddy some love!

If you can, reduce the image, proceed to cut out the parts to assemble and make some cupcake toppers to place over your root beer float icing.

THIRD Craft Idea:

Happy Fathers Day Apron Card.

This idea I absolutely loved , so I will give credit to whom credit is due. A website called Playing With Paper and  here is the link with the full 411 for making  these cute little Apron Cards which I used my own variation on the show to decorate my set.

(P.S. yes those are “Dad” Root beer Barrel Candies in that stein for a sweeeet treat!)

FOURTH Craft Idea:


Another great idea I found on the internet that just tied into my theme were these coasters made out of tile and the cardboard containers from  Dads favorite beverage. Don’t toss them to the trash just yet.

Here is the 411 on that craft that will compliment your “Theme”.


FIFTH Craft Idea:

The Banner with”Dad” was something I came up with when I bought a Luau Banner at the Dollar store, I covered the Tiki guy in yellow and turned  him into a glass of beer with the  same technique I used for the card. Took off the “Luau” letters, printed out the letters for ‘Dad’ on my Silhouette, removed the extra burlap flag from the Luau banner, and using a little glue gun put it all together, and was done.


It is always a blast being on the set Of Daytime TV and having the opportunity to share my creative ideas with the viewers as well as spending a delightful morning on the set with the Hosts and crew. Jerry was out of town this time and I had the opportunity to make a new friend, Michelle Edmonds. She covered for Jerry. The chemistry between the three of us was so amazing.

Nothing to see here.
Just me on a crate…
move along… ha ha!

I’ll just  drop a few pics of our time on the set. People seem to appreciate seeing behind the scene photos, so here are a few.

Getting on my microphone
thanks to awesome Rob.


Running through the order of things for the camera guys and production



…’ cause Cyndi’s dad won’t settle for root beer so the root beer card won’t do.


I’d love to hear back from you so just feel free to leave your comments below!
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